The Piscataquis County Soil and Water Conservation District’s Law Farm

The Law Farm provides a chance for visitors to learn about how planning and maintaining a community forest can have everlasting positive effects on a variety of important factors such as ecosystem biodiversity, the health of our residents, access to and for outdoor recreation and access to safe public lands. Through the Law Farm, the PCSWCD provides unique recreational and educational opportunities in Piscataquis County and a community space for active learning. In Piscataquis County, the forests provide a livelihood for many of our residents and a thriving community forest is representative of a healthy economy, opportunity for our children, the beauty of our home and our love and respect for nature.

Educational tours can be arranged through the PCSWCD by emailing or calling 564-2321, Extension 3.

More About the Law Farm!

The acres of the Law Farm Community Forest provide opportunities for families to hike, exercise and picnic together as well as provide a place to learn more about forestry practices, conservation efforts and agroforestry.

Steven and Elaine Law purchased this land in 1945 and deeded it to the Piscataquis County Soil and Water Conservation District in 2008 after a search for the organization that could best carry out the dual missions of managing the forest for now and for future generations and also teaching others about the importance of stewardship of our natural resources.

Since that time, our District has been working with granters, volunteers, local businesses and organizations to develop the property into an inviting and dynamic public outdoor space.

The Piscataquis County Soil and Water Conservation District invites you to explore the community forest at the Law Farm. Our trails wind through forested wetlands, agroforestry demonstration areas and a Northern white cedar wetland. We have added several informative signs, which provide the public with information on the many conservation practices and projects taking place on the Law Farm.

The Law Farm is a great place to take a walk in the woods, enjoy a picnic with family, check out and learn about the wide variety of native tree species planted at the forest, snowshoe, cross country ski, bird and wildlife watch, bring youth groups for outdoor nature experiences and much more.

We hope you enjoy the beauty and diversity of the Law Farm!

Since the Law Farm was deeded to the Piscataquis County Soil and Water Conservation District, we have overseen several improvement projects on the land.

Here are a few projects we have been involved in:

The Christmas trees were planted at the Law Farm as part of Stephen and Elaine Law’s “Kids and Trees” program. Now, our District is maintaining them with the goal that any proceeds from Christmas Tree sales will fund educational programs at the Law Farm. In 2013, our District held a Christmas Tree Pruning Workshop and it has been exciting to utilize this resource as a way to expand our educational offerings.

There have been several timber harvests at the Law Farm. These harvests were planned to open the land up to allow access to forestry demonstration areas and to make way for tree species better suited for the landscape. Additionally, the PCSWCD received a Project Canopy grant in 2014, which helped fund a major native hardwood planting in both the logged areas of the community forest and in new agroforestry demonstration areas.

This same Project Canopy grant funded vibrant and informative trail and site signs, which greatly enhance the natural areas of the Law Farm.

The Piscataquis County Soil and Water Conservation District is starting to build our Bluebird Trail. On this trail, volunteers will “adopt a bluebird box” and work with PCSWCD staff to place boxes, maintain their adopted box and monitor bluebird populations at the Law Farm.

For more information on any of these great Law Farm projects, please be sure to contact the PCSWCD!

Directions and Map

From the center of Dover-Foxcroft, travel 1.25 miles on Route 16 (Milo Rd.) and take a right onto Lee Cemetery Rd. The Law Farm parking lot is located a half mile down Lee Cemetery Rd. on the right.